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July 25 Charity Concert for Life & Peace

Place: Hiroshima kenmin bunka center Hall

June 6

Hiroshima Prince Hotel Concert

May 12 Izumi Kimoto & Shigeo Maruyama Jazz joint concert

           Hiroshima Crystal Plaza19F 8-18 Nakamachi Naka-ku Hiroshima-shi
Tel: 082-249-1930
Time: the Doors open at 18:30 the Music starts at 19:00
Ticket: Advance 3,500Yen(Drink not included) Day 4,000yen(Drink not included)
Performers: Izumi Kimoto(Vo.) , Shigeo Maruyama(Vo.) , Takashi Nakanishi(p.f.) , Yuichiro Yamamoto(Bass) , Kodai Higuchi(Dr)

April 20 Japanese traditional culture Sound & dance - Connect to the future -

Place: Asterplaza Hiroshima “Noh stage”
Time: the Doors open at 13:00
Ticket: 2,500Yen

April 25

Concert in Hiroshima Century Hotel

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