Her dedication to Concerts, DVDs and CDs Releases, Media Exposures (TV and Radio), Lectures on Jazz Music, Environmental Issues, Global Peace, and etc. infuses her music.


October 22, 2017

The 16th Annual Traditional Music Group Concert (by the Hiroshima Traditional Japanese Music Federation)
Shukkeien Garden (2-11 Kaminoborimachi, Nakaku, Hiroshima)

April 22, 2017

"BLUE PLANET" CD (Single) Release

Mr. Kyosen Ohashi Memorial Concert - Praying for Peace
Music Café MUSICA (2-2-11 Nishikaniya, Minamiku, Hiroshima)
Izumi Kimoto (vocal), Daisuke Iwasaki (piano), Motonori Miura ("Hichiriki", traditional small bamboo flute), Ritsu Murakami ("Sho", traditional bamboo wind pan flute)

Every 2nd and 4th Friday

Izumi Kimoto's Jazz Vocal Lessons of RCC Culture Center (13:00 – 16:00)
Ueno Gakuen Hall (19-1 Hakushimakitamachi, Nakaku, Hiroshima)

Every 4th Monday

Izumi Kimoto's "JAZZY MOMENTS", Monthly Radio Program at Hiroshima FM CHUPEA (12:20 – 13:00)

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