1999.8.6 Release
CD Album 1800yen tax-included
01. Etenraku
02. Scarboroufh Fair
03. Anata kara Anatae

Entrusting the wonderful Japanese culture to music, I am sending my wishes for peace from Hiroshima to everyone across the world.
“Etenraku,” included on the CD, is the oldest famous Japanese tune and a source of pride for the country. Lyrics were added to it in the Muromachi period.
Verses 1 and 2 are taken from Shiki no Keshiki, which is contained in the Shūgyokushū by Jichin Oshô. Kōbō Daishi’s Iroha was used for the third verse. For the arrangement, I used something that had been simmering inside Akinori Inaba since he was 18 years old. It is a masterful presentation of “wakonyousai” - a blending of east and west.

Anata kara Anatae / YAMATO
Anata kara Anatae / YAMATO
2006.6.1 Release
CD Album 2000yen tax-included
01. Scarborough Fair
02. Imagine
03. Chugokuchihou no Komoriuta
04. Anata kara Anatae
05. Anata kara Anatae -Peaceful Poetry & Reading-
Bonus Track Aisansan

In the old days, it was believed that nature was God. But now, the earth is in confusion; we are hurting each other, and have lost the power to believe.
We must respect nature once again, and bring back the old, tolerant Japanese spirit. Taking this Japanese spirit and turning it into the soul of Hiroshima, I will bring the music of Yamato to the people of the world in a prayer for nuclear abolishment and world peace.
05.Anata kara Anatae
I translated this song into five languages (Spanish/ Korean/ English/ French/ Arabic) and included people from each country on the narration.

A Morning After a Rain
A Morning After a Rain
2016.7.15 Release
A Morning After a Rain 3000yen tax-included
Music Daisuke Iwasaki
Words Izumi Kimoto
01. Alfie
02. Over the rainbow
03. The girl from Ipanema
04. When you wish upon a star
05. A Morning After a Rain
06. When I fall in love
07. Tea for two
08. My favorite things
09. Love letters
10. Cheek to cheek
11. Stardust
12. A Morning After a Rain (Japanese)

This CD is dedicated to my grandparents who lost their lives in the atomic bombing of Hiroshima.
Everyone, please come to Hiroshima and realize the importance of peace.
6th,Aug, 2016

2003 Release
CD Album 1000yen tax-included
01. Sakura
02. Over the Rainbow
03. Ringo Oiwake
04. Imagine
05. Scarborough Fair
06. Anata kara Anatae
07. Etenraku

This is the live CD of the concert that I performed to participate in 2003’s “Japan Day in Germany.”
I chose seven tracks from among these.

Blue Planet
Blue Planet
2017.4.22 Release
CD Album 1000yen tax-included
Music Daisuke Iwasaki
Words Izumi Kimoto
English words Steven Leeper
01. Blue Planet (Japanese words)
02. Blue Planet (English words)
03. Blue Planet (Karaoke)
Hiroshima ambassador of studying abroad.
Economic university of Hiroshima
Tou Shuishin
I went to a jazz and gagaku concert the other day. Are you aware of gagaku?
The birthplace of Gagaku seems to be China or the peninsula of Korea. (That I even didn't know.) Japanese Gagaku is the western edition of Tougaku which has come down from China. It involves singing and dancing which is deeply connected with Shintoism (the native religion of Japan) and the imperial family. Do you think such a elegant Gagaku is compatible with Jazz? I didn't think so! But...but...they amazingly live well together.
When I closed my eyes and listened to it, I felt like I was in a dream world. I felt like lying down on the grass, looking at the blue sky and breathing the beautiful air. It was like I was in God's country. Soon after that I listened to Jazz and it pulled me back to reality. Playing Jazz and Gagaku at same time, there is no incompatibility. It made a great rhythm.
If I can put different styles of music from different cultures together, maybe everyone in the world can get along together well.
This year is the 70th anniversary of the bombing in Hiroshima. Feelings of wanting a peaceful world stirred in me. Furthermore, I was blown away by the singing voice of Izumi Kimoto.
The concert this time was awesome! I was blown away by her performance. Everyone, if you please, come to Hiroshima and feel the soul of this peaceful city.