In 1978, "ITS" was formed and named after 3 initials of members; Izumi Kimoto, Teruhisa Togo, and Sumie Shima.  The debut album, "Rainbow" was released on May 21, 1980, and the LP record was the best seller and was ranked the No. 1 in the "most popular vocal groups" by readers of Swing Journal Magazines.  Their album of "It's Wonderland" released on November 21, 1981, received a Grand Award of Jazz Disk Production by Swing Journal Magazines in the following year.  Fuse One, a famous jazz musician group, joined in this album as the backup musicians; Leon Chancler (drums), Joe Farrell (tenor saxophone, flute), Ronnie Foster (piano/keyboard), Steve Khan (guitar), Will Lee (bass), and Jeremy Wall (keyboard).  The Arranger of those two albums was Mr. Masahiko Sato.  On April 28, 1983, our standard love song album, "It's Love" was released.

Gekkeikan Sake commercial song sung by Izumi, in a CD of assorted popular Sake commercial songs released on December 18, 2009.


Whisper Not

Disney Wonderland

Count On My Love

Our Love Is Here To Stay

Gekkeikan 'Utsukushikuyou'

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